Maya Hayuk Colorfully Cross Hatches With Rollers In Toronto

New images today from Toronto where muralist Maya Hayuk completed an enormous multi-part kaleidoscopic piece at the Landsdowne Street underpass. Reprising the color palette you may most recently have seen for her “Chem Trails” composition on the Houston Street wall in New York, Hayuk rolled out the eye popping plaid for fall (and winter), a welcome contrast to the cold grey skies that are coming, and which will hold no power here.


Maya Hayuk at work. (photo © Jeremy Jansen)

“It’s about 300 feet long and more than 20 feet high at the tallest parts,” she says. Completed entirely by hand with cans and rollers Maya gives this stretch a lot of angular, drippy,  jarring color to alert the senses and make your brain come alive.


Maya Hayuk at work. (photo © Jeremy Jansen)


The full expanse. Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen)


Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen) brooklyn-street-art-Maya-Hayuk_Jeremy-Jansen-toronto-10-14-web-5

Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen) brooklyn-street-art-Maya-Hayuk_Jeremy-Jansen-toronto-10-14-web-6

Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen) brooklyn-street-art-Maya-Hayuk_Jeremy-Jansen-toronto-10-14-web-7

Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen) brooklyn-street-art-Maya-Hayuk_Jeremy-Jansen-toronto-10-14-web-8

Maya Hayuk in Toronto (photo © Jeremy Jansen)

This project was done in cooperation with Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto.


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