BSA FIlm Friday: 10.10.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. LMNOPI: Decolonizing Street Art
2. Mitra Fakhrashrafi: Decolonize History
3. Jessica Sabogal: Decolonizing Street Art
4. SWARM: Decolonizing Street Art
5. Chris Bose: Decolonizing Street Art

BSA Special Feature: Decolonizing Street Art : Five Videos, Five Artists

“All of my work is dealing with recognizing the presence of people who are often ignored,” says Street Artist LMNOPI in this video. In fact each of the five artists this week on BSA Film Friday are addressing the unaddressed.

A simple yet powerful individual voice on the street can amplify the story of another person, or in these cases, many other people. Here laid bare is one of many junctures where it is possible to fall in love with the Street Art scene all over again, as it continues to evolve and reinvent itself.

The recently completed “Decolonizing Street Art” project in Canada this August quietly and loudly gave voice to personal and political, local and international issues as broad as patriarchy and genocide, and as personal as queer identity and being an immigrant.

Told through the voices of people who put their art in the street, the messages are simple, poignant, and meaningful. Tomorrow we’ll give you photos but today you can enjoy this collection of five artists speaking about their work.

LMNOPI: Decolonizing Street Art


Mitra Fakhrashrafi: Decolonize History



Jessica Sabogal: Decolonizing Street Art


SWARM: Decolonizing Street Art



Chris Bose: Decolonizing Street Art