NUART 2014 Begins with “Broken Promises”


For our 6th consecutive year of covering Nuart for you BSA is actually here in Stavanger this time. The plane touched down at 2 pm with Icy and Sot on board as well from Brooklyn and we all were whisked away by waiting cars. BSA got to ride in the schmancy new Nuart branded Tesla – that has a screen on the dashboard big enough to serve an entire pizza on – and get an amazing tour by street art photographer Tor of all the previous walls that are still riding in this Norwegian port town. – Stuff we’ve posted for ya’ll but have never seen in person by ROA, C215, Nick Walker, Dot Dot Dot, Swoon, Dan Witz, Evol, DALeast, Vhils and more!

And of course the large phallic M-City out the plane window at the airport – can’t forget that.


NUART 2014. Stavanger, Norway. (photo © Steven P. Harrington)

The freshest new addition on the Nuart first tour came from veteran Street Artist and socio-political commentator John Fekner, who has reprised one of his famous text based “Word-Signs” from the bad old days of 1970s New York urban neglect. It was a shock to see this iconic placard on a Stavanger wall and a cool way to make the New York – Nuart connection.


John Fekner. NUART 2014. Stavanger, Norway. (photo © Steven P. Harrington)

Mr. Fekner is on the official artist roster for this years’ festival, but you can count on seeing him at Nuart Plus along with special speakers including yours truly. Some interesting conversations and exchanging of information and opinion will buttress the brand new works outside by the guests artists, with presentations, discussion, film screenings, and plenty of herring. Just checking to see if you were still reading.


Nuart wheels when you need them. NUART 2014. Stavanger, Norway. (photo © Steven P. Harrington)

 John Fekner Broken Promises Falsas Promesas South Bronx NY 1980

Click HERE for NUART 2014 full schedule of events and details.


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