Side-busting a Tag with MeerSau

Meer Sau continues the conversation on the street with graff writers by altering their tags original intent – a high minded term called side-busting.

It’s a harmless sort of annoyance that your younger brother does just to get you overheated so you smack him and he tells on you to your mom.

When you see stuff like this on the street you may also be reminded of the thrilling repartee scratched on the back door of a 5th grade bathroom stall with a pen knife. Such gems come to mind such as “There once was a vickar named Nick, whose…”, “Here I sit all broken hearted, …”, and “Jenny Hunt goes all the way. call 212-309-______ for a good time”.

Just thinking out loud here people.


MeerSau. “Art Is Not A Crime…for sure…” Salzburg, Austria. March, 2014. (photo © MeerSau)


MeerSau. “I Love Porn s” Salzburg, Austria. March, 2014. (photo © MeerSau)


MeerSau. “Cupcake Killer” Salzburg, Austria. March, 2014. (photo © MeerSau)