BIP: From Connecticut to Taiwan

Connecticut based artist BiP (short for “Believe in People”) is sampling a handful of the aesthetic styles associated with the past decades of art on the streets – including this recent one “Worth Every Blow” that draws from the graphic poster style many people will associate with Shepard Fairey.


BiP. A new permanent mural commissioned by The Museum Of Modern Art in Taiwan. (photo © courtesy of BiP)

Completed for a Taipei museum last fall the piece has been published before elsewhere but is a prime example of the impact that the popularity of Street Art is having on the work of new artists including BiP who has reportedly courted an Ivy-leagued audience with multiple installations on and around Yale’s campus in New Haven. Here you will see BiP also cycles through the conventions of pop, light irony, illustration, and even tries his hand at a throwie, albeit with a five syllable word. Oh, word?


BiP (photo © courtesy of BiP)


BiP (photo © courtesy of BiP)


BiP (photo © courtesy of BiP)