Vladimir Putin: The Poster Boy at Sochi

Conceptual artist and cultural critic Charles Steelman is fed up with today’s politicians behaving like sullen teens. He thinks their outsized egos and penchant for bullying their way to grandiosity is now totally out of control and instead of looking after the best interests of those who elected them into office they resort to blackmail if their capricious demands are not met.

Hmmmm, sounds familiar now that you think of those who can’t get their way so they shut down the government and close bridges and restrict people’s ability to vote. Maybe Steelman has a point, as he addresses the masculine  / feminine continuum in his new image online satire that pokes fun at Putin’s problem with the LGBT community.


Penis Riot (image © Charles Steelman)

Says Mr. Steelman in his description of his new project “Penis Riot!”:

“PENIS RIOT!!! is about softening the hyper-masculine images that dominate today’s politics. From America to Russia, politicians have adopted a “by any means necessary” approach to governance, an approach which is largely self-serving and under-represents those who it claims to favor. Our democracies have become playthings for perverted egos. It is time for those men to get on their knees and pray for forgiveness. Less dick pics, more pussy licks.”
– CH

As part of his Penis Riot project Steelman will be releasing a new photo illustration along with the original photo each day for the duration of the Sochi Olympic Games. Below are day 1 and 2 images. For daily updates click the link after the photos.



Penis Riot (image © Charles Steelman)