TIKA Extends Tongues and Ponders Oncoming Zürich Winter

A fine artist who likes drawing and wood burning, TIKA also does her share of aerosol and stylized typography and characters across concrete bricks, along train tracks, and on the occasional van just for fun.

This year has installed new works in Zürich, Berlin, Basel, Küsnacht, Cologne, and Bangkok, where she’ll have a solo show in Spring ’14. Originally from Switzerland she is currently in Zürich setting up a new studio and she shares images of work completed during her travels this summer and fall – along with a wintry scene from last year.


Tika. Zürich. November, 2013. (photo © Tika)


Tika. Zürich. June, 2013. (photo © Tika)


Tika. “Summer Dies Every Year for Winter”.  Zürich. October, 2012. (photo © Tika)


Tika. Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)

During her travels this fall she completed this quick one in an abandoned building the day before demolition began.


Tika. “Velocitta” Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)

TIKA hit these rolldown gates for her friend Enrico who poses in front of his bike shop. “He’s the guy who keeps Zürich’s bikes running and when I asked him about an animal he likes, he chose the snake, cause it’s like wheels.”


Tika. “Velocitta”. Detail. Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)


Tika. “Velocitta”. Detail. Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)

Appropriating the extended tongue motif long before a certain pop starlet swinging on a wrecking ball, TIKA incorporates windows, doors, lights, and architectural features into the folk art inspired patterns and creatures and love scenes that crawl along them in two dimensions.


Tika. “Wine Spirit” Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)

“It was time of grapes harvest and pressing spirit,” says Tika about the transformation of this exterior in Zürich Höngg in November.

From her Facebook page, a poem about WEINGEIST /WINESPIRIT, of harvest wine and passionate spirit;

“harvest the Chatzeseicheli-grapes

tangy sweet smells of fall

last fires on sky and trees

the air announcing the long gray

the clear liquid warmth of spirit stays

beautiful sentimental tipsiness

heavy monstrous intoxication

endlessly tongue kissing”


Tika. “Wine Spirit” Zürich, 2013. (photo © Tika)

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