BSA Film Friday 08.16.13 – Living Walls Atlanta Edition


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Now screening: The Videos from Living Walls 2013.

BSA Special Feature: The Videos from Living Walls 2013

Part of the team at Living Walls is dedicated to documenting in video what the experience is and to finding new engaging ways of telling stories. With a nice sized media team who take their work seriously and with a healthy sense of fun, LW2013 has been talking to a number of people – the artists, the organizers, the volunteers, the neighbors. This year this crackerjack team of talents are giving you a progressive account of the behind-the-scenes events at regular intervals so you can feel like you are experiencing it with them.


Hanging at the Goat Farm; A still from video by the Living Walls 2013 Media Team (© Living Walls)

At last nights block party in the Edgewood section the team also projected some their video pieces on a big screen during the night market to share the events with the community in a very inclusive celebratory way while bands played in front of the huge illuminated piece by Sten Lex. While ROTI completed his wall live in front of a gathered crowd in a parking lot on the main drag, other walls by artists like Gaia, Nanook, Nuezz, and JR were all receiving the star treatment up and down this developing strip for the steady stream of art fans and revelers paraded by.

At BSA Film Friday we’re happy to give a huge shout out the team who puts together this very impressive work and to salute them for their vision, creativity and collaboration. Together they are exploring and presenting new ways to capture and tell the story of Living Walls Atlanta.

The Living Walls 2013 Media Team:
Dustin Chambers
Brandon English
Wil Hughes
Albert Lebron
Mike Morgan
Justin Newton

Jason Travis

Here are the 4 sequential updates so far for Living Walls as well as a special video with Street Artist JR.

JR came in advance of this weeks events to install new pieces commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Part I – Living Walls Conference 2013

Part II – Living Walls Conference 2013

Part III – Living Walls Conference 2013

Part IV – Living Walls Conference 2013


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