Sheryo and the Dubai Camel

You’ve seen her work here for about a year and a half, since Singaporean Street Artist settled in Brooklyn and began painting New York walls in earnest with people like the Australian Yok, Brooklyn’s Bishop 203, and TopDos from Paris. In fact her New York campaign with Yok last year covered so many walls (especially in the summer) that we began to wonder if the twosome had inherited an aerosol factory.

Here we have some new images of the illustrator at work on a large mural with the humble camel as muse at an event sponsored by the cultural arts organization Tiger Translate. Also involved were Auckland street stencillist Enforce One, fine artists and performances.

Sheryo working on her installation. (photo for BSA courtesy © Shadow Professional Photography)

Sheryo working on her installation. (photo for BSA courtesy © Freeflow)

The Dubai Camel by Sheryo.  (photo for BSA courtesy © Freeflow)

Sheryo (photo for BSA courtesy © Custard)

A collaborative wall in Brooklyn from 2012 by TopDos, Sheryo, Bishop 203, and The Yok. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

To learn more about Tiger Translate click here.
See Sheryo in a computer chip makers’ commercial aired in Asia here.


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