Won and Secr Photographed by Luna Park

We’re counting down the last 12 days of 2012 with Street Art photos chosen by BSA readers. Each one was nominated because it has special meaning to a reader or is simply a great photograph from 2012 that they think is great. Our sincere thanks to everyone who shared their favorite images.

Our fourth entry comes from the ever-present effervescent New York based photographer Luna Park. Luna offers this photo as one of her favorites from this year because it presents a departure from the standard fare that she regularly records and documents in the graffiti and Street Art scene: a hybrid. For a scene that can be  prideful of often taking a rebellious stance, there can be more stylistic rigidity and repetition than one might expect. In this photo captured in The Bronx, NYC, Luna sees artists who are daring to re-create and challenge the genre with a spirit of experimentation.

“This enormous, illegal track side piece by Won and Secr (both RA crew) in the Bronx blew me away because it was the first so-called ‘hybrid’ piece I ever saw in person,” explains Luna as she talks about her reaction to finding it.  “It isn’t very often that one witnesses innovation in graffiti, but this part-extinguisher/part-burner gets high marks for being original,” says Park.

Won and Secr. RA Crew. (photo © Luna Park)

Visit Luna Park’s Flickr page for more photos of her work here.


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