Low Brow Artique Presents: Dickchicken “The Penis Mightier Than The Sword” (Brooklyn, NYC)


Low Brow Artique presents their first solo exhibition, The Penis Mightier Than the Sword, featuring the work of Dickchicken. Returning from nearly a three-year hiatus for one last show, The Penis Mightier Than the Sword will represent a spectrum of the artist’s work, including a combination of new and previously unseen images. This body of work will be on display to the public from October 12th – November 3rd with an opening to the public October 12th from 7-10pm.

In his own words, Dickchicken says, “this thing started as a joke. I was attempting to have fun. So I continued doing it until it was no longer fun[ny]. The graffiti community in NYC is full of high school style drama. When that crept into this idea it ruined it. So I made the call to cut it off. Now and again certain opportunities arise. If I think they are worth the time and effort I participate. This is one of those. So here we are, many years later and many experiences have come and gone. This idea persists. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to hate it. Use whatever energy you have and create something better. “

At the height of this fame, Dickchicken created a series of faux-magazine covers as large panel pieces. Since imaging his Vanity Fair debut, these pieces have been placed into storage. In addition to these previously unseen images Dickchicken will unveil a series of self-portraits with religious figures including the Virgin Mary and L. Ron Hubbard. By inserting himself into Renaissance style religious portraits and glossy covers, Dickchicken’s comprehensive body of work inserts his tongue-in-cheek humor into the historical canon of art history.