Cooper Cole Gallery Presents: Maya Hayuk Solo Exhibition (Toronto, Canada)

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk (photo courtesy of the gallery)

Maya Hayuk is a muralist, painter, photographer, printmaker, video artist and musician. From her large-scale installations to small works on paper, her obsession with symmetry and nourishing color play out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Mexican woven blankets, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, Rorschach tests and/ or holograms. Her work has been exhibited and published extensively internationally in galleries, museums, on the streets and in various printed and electronic media. Hayuk lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

1161 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON, M6J1X3, Canada / 647 347 3316  /