Simian Media Works Presents: XCIA Street Art Project: Artists Edition. Book Launch. (Manhattan, NY)



Featuring prints and limited editions by Anthony Lister, ASVP, Chris Stain, 

Clown Soldier, ENX, Fumero, Gaia, gilf!, Icy & Sot, Imminent Disaster, Joe Iurato, 
Judith Supine, Know Hope, Labrona, 
Miss Bugs, Other, Paul Insect, Sheryo, The Yok, Zero Cents and more
On view through August 15th
As street art gains in popularity among the contemporary art world, the unique relationship between the artists’ public and print work is often overlooked.  In an attempt to reclaim public space, street artists apply repetition with a multiplicity of familiar aesthetics and imagery—allowing the anonymous artists to create an easily recognizable identity for themselves. Printmaking’s potential for reproduction and circulation offers an alternative vehicle to make their work accessible for the public. (Re)Print celebrates the connection found between these salient aspects of both street art and printmaking.
In conjunction with this event, Hendershot Gallery has invited a select group of artists to create new site-specific installations as part of (Re)Print’s growing underground street art project. Murals by the artists will be open to the public for the duration of the summer, however, the exact location will remain undisclosed—attempting to preserve the excitement experienced when one unexpectedly discovers a work of street art.