WP Gallery Presents: Then One. A Solo Art Exhibition. (Philadelphia, PA)

Then One

WP Gallery Presents: THEN ONE a Solo Art Exhibition
JUNE 15- July 28, 2012
(1611 Walnut St., Mezzanine Philadelphia, PA 19103)
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This Summer, Philadelphia welcomes artist, THEN ONE to the WP Gallery. The WP Gallery will be exhibiting brand new works from THEN ONE who embodies a dynamic talent through his artistic expression on the streets, and fine arts showcasing his unique style on paper, canvas, walls, etc.
Then One is an artist, illustrator, muralist and designer who uses bold colors and imagery to create pieces of art that represent a visual manifestation of his feelings and the world that surrounds him. His work explores his heritage as well as his background as an artist of the street and how it fits as well as clashes within todays world. Though cultures may clash, Then is able to incorporate chaotic themes and communicate them in a visually complementary way. With continued growth and an expanding work of art, Then’s work continues to gain interests from galleries, art collectors, media and companies alike.