Living Walls Concepts Presents: Everman Invites The Public To Participate. The Goat Farm (Atlanta, GA)


The ubiquitous and iconic Evereman crafted a unique game for the city of Atlanta, attaching his distinctive emblem everywhere. Usually in the form of a wooden magnet, Evereman offers the city to interact with their surroundings by collecting and redistributing his art. Evereman is for everyone, or as he puts on the back of each piece, Evereman is “4 U ATL.”

This Memorial Day, Living Walls Concepts invites the public to participate in Evereman’s technique. Starting Sunday, May 27, participants will have the chance to create their own wooden magnets in Evereman’s studio to scatter about Atlanta and beyond the following day.

Want to get involved? First, stop by AM1690’s “Vari-Okey” event this Saturday, May 26 at the Goat Farm and sign up for Evereman’s workshop through ARTWORKS, the new digital platform that will transform involvement in the Atlanta arts scene. If you miss the event, check back to our website to sign up. Anyone and everyone should participate.

After the workshop, Evereman will create a mural intervention somewhere in Atlanta’s urban landscape. We’ll keep it secret for now, but when the time comes workshop participants will be notified where and can take part in the installation.

Workshop Signup
Saturday, May 26
8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
The Goat Farm
1200 Foster St. Atlanta, GA 30318