Fun Friday 05.18.12

Happy Friday Everybody!  Sometimes we like to start Friday off with a dance and for those of you born after the Queen of Disco roooooled the dance floors in New York, you may not realize the impact that Donna Summer had on propelling the dance music genre in the late 70s and 80s here and around the world.  Sadly Mrs. Summer passed yesterday and our sincere condolences to her family. But Donna always encouraged her fans to dance! So let’s do it and celebrate her talent!

Check out the undulating gorgeous robotic dancing she does at about the 2 minute marker here. She was a smash, a brave and beautiful woman who was not afraid to experiment and discover. Everybody hands in the air!

Hold Up! Don’t Sit Down Yet! We gotta do a tribute to the God Father of Go-Go – Mr. Chuck Brown, who also passed this week on Wednesday. Rest in Peace Mr. Brown.  Here is a favorite summer Jam by Chuck Brown- As long as the beat keep poppin’, Chuck Brown keep on rockin!

Our Fun Friday Stories this week

1. Donna Summer
2. Chuck Brown
3. JAZ at RAS in Barcelona
4. “Stolen Souls” Photography Show Tonight in Brooklyn
5. KLUB7 at Pandemic Saturday (Brooklyn)
6. Doze Green at Jonathan Levine Saturday (Manhattan)
7. ArtPad (San Francisco)
8. “These Streets” A video on Open Walls Baltimore directed by Gabe Dinsmoor

JAZ at RAS in Barcelona

Franco Fasoli AKA JAZ solo show at the RAS Gallery in Barcelona, Spain is now open. The JAZ universe of beasts borrows as much from mythology as from his daily interactions with his surroundings.

Jaz (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

“Stolen Souls” Photography Show Tonight in Brooklyn

Artist Royce Bannon curates a new photography group show opening today at Mishka in Brooklyn. Come by to see those “Stolen Souls” captured in arresting images by a select group of photographers including Becki Fuller, Bruce Labounty, Rusell King among others.

Arturo Vega by Curt Hoppe. “Double Logo” (photo © Curt Hoppe)

For further information regarding this show click here.

KLUB7 at Pandemic Saturday (Brooklyn)

Pandemic Gallery has by now a well established reputation for mounting interesting shows by local and international artists AND they also are pretty famous for their fun and welcoming opening parties. So we are sure you will have a memorable time this Saturday with the German Art Collective Klub7, some kool kids who are totally “Up To Something”.

“The Berlin, Germany based art collective KLUB7 is creating art on various surfaces, making murals, customizations and illustrations throughout the world. Together they developed a collective trademark style that combines the diverse backgrounds of the six members.”

Klub7 image with basketball (Photo © Jaime Rojo), group shot courtesy of and © Pandemic Gallery.

For further information regarding this show click here.

Doze Green at Jonathan Levine Saturday (Manhattan)

Tomorrow, the Jonathan Levine Gallery in Manhattan bring us the Graffiti legend Doze Green with a new body of work in an exhibition titled “Luminosity In The Dark Rift”. Doze Green’s illustrious career spans decades in NYC since the late 70’s and as one of the original b-boy members of the Rock Steady Crew he was involved in the hip-hop/graffiti movement of the city and his work has influenced generations of new writers and Street Artists working today.

Doze Green. Detail. (Image courtesy of the gallery)

For further information regarding this show click here.

ArtPad (San Francisco)

Art fairs are popping up like pimples on your cousin Josh’s 13 year old face. For that matter, so are film festivals , beauty pageants and food trucks. It seems that there is a new one being inaugurated every month in different cities around the world. But not all Art Fairs are created equal and this weekend the micro-fair ArtPadSF takes place in San Francisco. It’s a smaller fair for emerging and contemporary art with a reputation for distinguishing itself from the rest.

Whatever it is that makes ArtPadSF unique they have one thing in common with the rest: Dealers and artists gather together under one roof to sell their merch. Bring your wallet or not and try to enjoy the art.

If you go make sure to stop by New Image Art Gallery from Los Angeles at Room #43 where Marsea Goldberg will have a selection of pieces from artists you know: Retna, Neck Face and Clare Rojas among others. Click here for more details on this fair. Marsea’s a good Brooklyn babe so give her a smooch. On the hand, you cad.

“These Streets” A video on Open Walls Baltimore directed by Gabe Dinsmoor: