#12 How & Nosm: 12 Wishes for 2012

For twelve days we’ve presented twelve wishes for 2012 as told by an alternating roster of artists and BSA readers, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the street art scene around the world today. Individually, each adds their personal expression of hope for tomorrow.

Our final wish for the new year comes from those talented German brothers now hailing from the boogie down Bronx, How & Nosm, whose curvilinear black red and white alterna-worlds have tightened many a wall this year. A symbiotic blend of graff and Street Art influences, the work of the twins represents one of the new fine hybrids emblematic of emerging directions for 2012 and beyond. As we all head boldly toward a new year together, How & Nosm tell us what they are wishing for at home;

“For the new year we wish our new family members Leon and Niko good health and happiness so they can continue putting smiles on our faces each morning.”

How (or is that Nosm?) at work on a new piece. (© How & Nosm)

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