Gallery Kayafas Presents: Geoff Hargadon “Dealers Protected” (Boston, MA))



Gallery Kayafas has just opened the CA$H FOR YOUR WARHOL exhibit called “Dealers Protected!” It looks great, if I may say so. (I didn’t install it, which is probably why.) It features a wall of new signs that were just shown Moniker Art Fair in London and at Pulse Art Fair in Miami, two new plaques, a fresh-squeezed edition of signs made just for this show, and about 40 photographs from installations during the past 2 1/2 years. One of the featured photographs is the first installation we did, which was at the Rose Museum, Brandeis University (upper left image on the attachment). We will also have some photographs from installations that were done in Miami just this past week.
450 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Saturday, December 10, 3-5pm

we will have all sorts of CFYW stickers – and EVERYBODY likes stickers, right?!