Opera Gallery Presents: The London Police “Who Cares Wins” (Manhattan, NY)

The London Police

The London Police “The Mathematical Skills of Sailor Hicks” (Image courtesy of the gallery)

This show opens to the public on November 17 from 8-11pm. There will be live music from The London Police Dog Singers, Abner Preis, and a surprise guest.

Artist Bio:

The London Police started when big English geezers headed to Amsterdam in 1998 to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world.
The motive was to combine traveling and making art to create an amazing way of life not seen since the days of King Soloman. Known for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking TLP have been together for over 13 years and their work has graced streets and galleries in 35 countries during this time. London policemen have come and gone but founding members are still known to walk the streets of every city in the world spreading love with pens and stickers.

The current duo have managed to form a partnership more cohesive than Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars and are consistently producing slick artwork that is tighter than a butlers cuff. Never be scared, don’t be a hero and let the good times roll.

For more info check www.thelondonpolice.com

115, Spring Street
Tel (1) (212) 966 66 75



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