Black Rat Projects Presents: “BRP Paper” (London, UK)

brooklyn-street-art-Black-rat-press-projects-galleryWelcome Back! Here’s hoping everyone had a fantastic month of August despite the cold and rainy conditions. The Black Rat team is back from the far corners of Europe and we are thrilled to open our doors once again and welcome you to our September show ‘BRP Paper’ opening Thursday 8th of September through to October 16th.

Skilled and labour intensive, paper works respond to the rise of the digital age in small carefully crafted rebellions. Through the manipulation of paper today’s artists turn to this generation’s redundant material as a site of endless creative possibility. ‘BRP Paper’ will present  bringing these international artists together for the first time to explore common themes in their work.

Another autumn milestone getting us excited is Black Rat’s participation in Christie’s Multiplied 2011 a fair devoted exclusively to Contemporary Art Editions. Running from 14th-17th October at Christie’s South Kensington, Multiplied will showcase the hottest new names and the best in contemporary art editions and Black Rat will be there right in the centre of the action so come by and say Hi!

See you all on the 8th!