Ya’ll Are a Bunch of Fashion Chimps! New Print from Faile

5 PM Today!

Faile, the Brooklyn Based Street Art Collective just released a new print today on Paper Monster titled “Fashion Chimps NYC”.

From Paper Monster’s site: “This brand new print from the guys at Faile was a long time in the making, and it shows.  Based on a piece from their 2010 show at Perry Rubenstein Gallery, this 25 color screenprint is done in their recent “block” style which gives the illusion of its 3D sister from the show.”


Faile “Fashion Chimps NYC”. Detail of piece in progress (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Faile “Fashion Chimps NYC” (photo courtesy of Paper Monster)

Go to Paper Monster to purchase this print by clicking on the link below:


From our previous gallery visit with Faile:

The first New York gallery show in three years for Street Art collective Faile opens tomorrow at Rubenstein Gallery; a heavy graphic quilt of past, present, and “jimmer-jam”. With the 12-piece “Bedtime Stories”, Patrick and Patrick debut a densely packed wood painting show of story, texture and humor in a quite intimate setting.

Checking on progress as they finished final pieces last week, Brooklyn Street Art was treated to completed block tapestries and works in progress in their buoyantly buzzing studio. Long days have turned to long nights at the end of this parsing of pieces, and the output exceeds the storage…”

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