Buff Diss and Aakash Double Bill is a Great Idea

Brooklyn-Street-Art-WEB-Aakash-Buff-DissOne of the benefits of being an artist and part of the active process of actually creating in a pool of peers is you will find that the same spirit that travels through you is evident in others.  When we were part of artist collectives in Brooklyn in the early 2000’s we would see that artists frequently manifested ideas and techniques that paralleled – without consulting one another. It was uncanny. Chalk it up to the idea that everyone drinks from the same stream of creativity that flows past us all the time.

Buff Diss uses masking tape to make incredible Street Art installations that interact with the built environment.  Separate and apart of him Brooklyn Street Artist Aakash Nihalani does something quite similar on the streets. While we have worked with Aakash – he was in our Street Crush show in ’09 – we never met Buff Diss. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were on a double bill together?