Vincent Michael Gallery Presents: Natural Selections & Salvation New Works by Joe Iurato and Shai Dahan (Philadelphia, PA)

Joe Iurato


This February, Vincent Michael Gallery is pleased to present a dual exhibition featuring new works from artists Shai Dahan in the exhibition, Natural Selections and Joe Iurato in Salvation. Both exhibitions will be on display February 4th to February 25th. In honor of our artists, Vincent Michael Gallery will be hosting an opening reception Friday, February 4th 7PM to 10PM.

In his newest body of works Natural Selections, artist Shai Dahan has continued to explore the issues of survivalism within the animal habitat by addressing the effect of human’s behavior and disruption to the natural order and environmental conditions. In Natural Selections, Dahan has created a series of aesthetic paintings that exemplify this struggle and focus on wildlife’s two key traits of which they must depend on: Movement and Survival.

Dahan portrays the distress to the natural society of wildlife by combining elements of realistic portrayal and abstract motion. He takes his interpretation of this environmental conflict and unseemingly symbiotic relationship a step further by utilizing amusing hints of industrialism and manmade weapons.
Along the same lines, Joe Iurato explores another deep-seeded relationship for man: the struggle between belief amidst trials and hardship.

In his first solo gallery exhibition, artist Joe Iurato’s latest works in Salvation examine the ever-present bond between man’s faith and misfortune in modern times. With his illusive imagery, Iurato portrays the struggle between seeking solace in self, God, or society – everyone turns to something during times of adversity.
Coming off his recent success at Art Basel Miami with ArtWhino Gallery’s “The Takeover” exhibition, the NBA supported “Art of Basketball” exhibition, and Primary Flight, Iurato set focus on developing a new body of work for his gallery exhibition, utilizing new methods and mostly found materials. For Iurato, Salvation is a deeply personal body of work, one that arose from the question: Is our faith, wherever it may come from, a road to greener pastures or is it merely a component of tragedy in disguise?

Exhibition Details
What: Natural Selections & Salvation: Featuring New Works from Shai Dahan and Joe Iurato
Where: Vincent Michael Gallery
1050 N. Hancock St. Suite #63 Philadelphia, PA 19123
When: Exhibit runs February 4th thru February 25th
Opening Reception Friday, February 4th 7pm – 10pm
More Information 215.399.1580 x. 704 / International – 1.877.291.1138 or

About The Artists

Shai Dahan, founder of Abztract Collective, is a New York artist who currently resides in Sweden. Shai’s work predominantly focuses on animals and their environment conditions, and how the repercussion of human tampering causes them to evolve into survivalism. Animals painted and illustrated with witty and humorous hints of man-made weapons, expresses Shai’s hopes in letting the viewer see the hybrid effect of man’s hands in animal society and its disruption on the natural order.

brooklyn-street-art-shai-dahan-vincent-michael-galleryShai Dahan: “Foolishly Loaded” 48″ x 48″. Wheatpaste, acrylic, markers, spraypaint, watercolor on plywood.

Joe Iurato is a New Jersey based artist, prolific in street art and mural installations and has shown
extensively in New York City, L.A., Miami and Europe. Joe Iurato specifically signs his work :01. It’s not an alias to conceal his identity, though. It’s a reminder to himself, and one that he chooses to share, that a single second is the most powerful measurement of time. “It only takes a second to decide you’re going to move forward in a positive direction regardless of the obstacles or challenges you’re facing in life,” Joe says. “And from that decisive moment on, you should never look back. Know that life isn’t a race or a competition – you can’t lose unless you give up on yourself. When you get slapped around, get back up, wipe the dirt off and move forward with purpose and conviction. While you’re at it, make it your business to help others along the way.”

brooklyn-street-art-joe-iurato-vincent-michael-galleryJoe Iurato: “Rubble” Spray paint and polyurethane on cardboard affixed to a reclaimed cabinet door

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