Wish #4: Gilf



For 11 days we’re presenting 11 artists and BSA readers and their wishes for the new year, 2011, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are creators and fans of street art. Individually, each has added their expression of the creative spirit to the year now ending.

Today’s wish comes from BSA reader and Brooklyn based street artist Gilf;

If I had one wish for 2011 it would be this:

That the people of the world look not through the keyhole of religion, but rather the universal lens of humanity to understand that governments and religions do not define us nor should they cloud our minds with hostility for those who are different.

brooklyn-street-art-Dec- 24-gilf-To-Tehran-with- Love-2010-12-10Gilf  “To Tehran with Love, 2010”  (Photo © Gilf)

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