SNEAK PEEK: Specter Shows “Billy Bobby” at Pure Evil

Brooklyn-Based Specter Prepares For His Solo Show At Pure Evil Gallery

Street Artist Specter isn’t standing still and for the last sixteen months or so he has been running at top speed working on his gallery shows while at the same time doing what he wakes up for every morning: Creating art to install on the streets.

After a long trip to Russia where he spent several weeks speaking to art students, traveling, and beautifying some parts of the vast country with new pieces on the streets, he returned to Brooklyn where he wasted no time to work on three of his now iconic sculptures and put them on various locations around Brooklyn.  -All this while working on his new material for his Solo Show at Pure Evil Gallery in London tomorrow.

Here is a peek at what’s in store for the esteemed people of London: This one was just installed in gallery for Thursday’s show.

Specter. Billy Bobby. (Image Courtesy of the Gallery)
Specter. Billy Bobby. (Image Courtesy of the Gallery)

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