Logan Hicks New 4 Panel Piece- Stenciling in his New Direction

Stencil master and Street Artist Logan Hicks began this direction at the NuArt Festival in Norway this past  September.

The Multi-Layered Work: Precise, cool, revealing.

“It’s part of a new direction that I have begun. I suspect that much of my new work will be following this same direction,” he says.

The new works which (once at least) have also included the artist himself, look like a still from a CGI effect – but the direction the movie is going is unclear. Is the line drawing, rendered with CAD-like precision, being brought to full bodied life?

“The panels were actually a re-spray of a piece I did down at The Art Center in Miami during Basel. It was part of the show called Blueprint for Space,” says Logan

Or is this a peeling back of the skin of architecture and streetscape textures to reveal the superstructures and engineering underneath, the bones? To further enhance the stripped-down feeling is a devotion to a monochrome palette, minus the ox blood and acrid red punches he has favored in the recent past.

Logan Hicks standing in front of his new four panelled stencil piece to be hung in somebody's home.
Logan Hicks standing in front of his new four paneled stencil piece to be hung in somebody’s home.

Thanks Logan for showing your new stuff to BSA readers.

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