Nathan Pickett is Killing it in the Back Room

Carnal Lexicon Carnivorous (Nathan Lee Pickett)

Carnal Lexicon Carnivorous (Nathan Lee Pickett)

Breathe Like You Mean It

Nathan Lee Pickett is from Virginia, yet another incredible transplant to Brooklyn.  I was already revved up and excited by the Morning Breath/Cycle show up front gallery at Ad Hoc that is running until March 22, but Mr. Pickett left me kind of stupified.

No pictures do it justice, so try to hit it this weekend – the paper cutting alone is so intense and detailed that to use it for a stencil almost seems beside the point – the pretty chaos that ensues from layering rich dense color, a calligraphic hand, and pulling the screen back from the wall so it’s shapes cast intricate shadows on the wall… Pickett’s new work is a revelation.


Detail (Nathan Lee Pickett)

AdHoc Art Gallery