We Invented the Remix

No it’s not another 80’s song with a drum track and lyrics flowing over top,

it’s a brash re-ordering of a postering campaign in Williamsburg, Brooklyn over the past couple of weeks, where hundreds of copies were on surfaces everywhere. The original picture appears to be of Lewis Allan Reed, a purported musician of some type, wearing a t-shirt of the advertiser’s name, as interpreted by photographer Terry Richardson.

Within the first week (or day) the campaign appeared on abandoned lots and on the sides of condo construction sites, the rows of repeated posters were re-faced by street artist collective Faile, neating placing tiger’s heads over the bespectacled rocker and the word “Vanit y” over the logo on his t-shirt.

Saturday night on Bedford Ave. we spotted this total reapportioned interpretation, using what appears to be multiple pieces of the image in a bag and then dumping it out.  It’s not signed but we have a good guess who this collab is.  You just can’t be sure who to shout out to sometimes.

Poster Diddy featuring Daddy A.  (photo Steven P. Harrington)
Poster Diddy featuring Bid Daddy A. (photo Steven P. Harrington)