C215 Invites You to His Junk Store

What’s that noise over by the vinyl albums of Jackson 5 and Petula Clarke?

Did you hear something? Who’s rummaging around by the board games… next to the one-eyed mannequin wearing the fox-collared poncho…. Oops! There he is, it’s C215 !

When you get to the Brooklyn Block Party at Ad Hoc Gallery this week, make sure you head out back to the new Project Room, um… Junk Store.

Luna Park, friend of Brooklyn Street Art, reports from the scene;
“Since arriving late last week, c215 has spent hours adding the final touches to the Ad Hoc Gallery’s Project Room for this, his first US solo show.

A culmination of over two months of hard work, “junk store” is a feast for the eyes. All of his usual themes are represented from his travels around the world, from portraits of friends, family and the homeless, to images of automobiles and animals.

Unlike his work for the street, his gallery work explodes with layers of color and extraordinary attention to detail. Prepare to be impressed.”

They're so alert at night!  (C215)  (photo Luna Park)
They’re So Alert at Night! (C215) (photo Luna Park)

Something (C215) (photo Luna Park)
Milieu de la Rue (C215) (photo Luna Park)

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