STIKMAN and LA II “Amaze” at Factory Fresh


introducing: Cbeauty

Opening Reception: Friday, November 14, 6-10pm
November 14 – December 2, 2008
New York City street artists Celso & infinity present A Maze, an exhibition and installation of work based on networks and passages. A gallery-sized, 7-foot-tall maze, constructed entirely out of original art, will immerse participants in a multidimensional environment designed to overwhelm the senses.

The work invites viewers to choose their path to a destination that, ultimately, is unknown. Random decisions have to be made at each artistic obstruction: Continue right or left? Go back and chose another route? The end result could offer great reward. Likewise, it could be a dead end. You choose.

The New York Times described their most recent collaboration, Post No Bills, a street art gallery in Long Island City as “Audacious.” The new show also features work by mysterious street art shaman Stikman, graffiti artist LA II (Little Angel Ortiz, a protégé and collaborator with street art legend Keith Haring) and also introduces the graceful and intricate art of Cbeauty.

A Maze is a site specific installation made for Factory Fresh that is curated and conceived by Celso and infinity in an attempt to better understand the challenges presented by working in an ever changing artistic landscape.

For more info on Factory Fresh and it’s upcoming shows go to or email Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop

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