Irony is the BAST Policy

Nose Candy

with BAST

Brooklynite Gallery
334 Malcolm X Boulevard

Opening Night
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
7 – 10PM

Behold Brookynite! Yonder grows a New gallery in Bed Stuy and that is thy name; the Great Eastern Expansion emanates further out from the crusty rock of gothamite.  Brooklynite is a natural outgrowth of that thing that the Brooklyn art scene is famous for; community.

Brooklyn born and bred, Bast returns to blaze the trail a little further;  A continuous contributor to the Brooklyn street art scene for more than a decade, Bast is punk collage perfection – putrid pop and sexified grit; pure revolution de papel.

This time BAST has been sniffing around the pretty glitter and he blasts forward with certain and jarring new works that bring a rush to the senses, and base titillation to the loins. In addition, he features 4 plaster busts of disgusting creatures mounted like trophies with mad bling and even rhinestone studded grills.  The  pig, the alien – basically all of them are disconcerting in their resemblance to people I’ve known or been related to.

Brooklynite Gallery 347.405.5976

The show runs June 10 – July 12, 2008