Poets of Paste go LARGE at Ad Hoc

Poets of the Paste

OPENING Friday June 13,
7 – 10 pm

featuring ELBOW-TOE, Armsrock, Gaia, and Imminent Disaster

Four stars of beautifully heart-rendered paste-ups on the bricks and boards all around us, Ad Hoc astoundingly unites these commentators; helping us read the tea leaves.  Hats off to the good peeps who chose to engender such love for the human condition and the fantastical world.

images courtesy of Ad Hoc

Each of these poets of paste could easily fill a gallery with their imagination and skill; So much stronger is the chord they collectively strum.

Gallery director Andrew Michael Ford has curated an incredibly strong group of drawings, stencils, paintings and block prints.

Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart Street Unit 1G, Buzzer 22
Brooklyn, New York 11206

Telephone:     718-366-2466

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