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Skount Paints “Protection” for Future Amsterdam Street Art/Urban Contemporary Art Museum

Entrepreneur and visionary Peter Ernst Coolen continues afoot with his plans for Amsterdam’s Street Art/Urban Contemporary art museum sometime next year at NDSM Wharf, and a number of artists have been preparing new works for the space and the great occasion. Today we have a sneak peak at the huge-scale canvas by one of the […]

Skount Depicts “The Golden Ray”

It may look like a gold medallion doorbell, or a fingerprint scanning ID validator, or an icon to poke to open up a celestial app, but Amsterdam Street Artist Skount says it is about accessing cosmic currents of energy. Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount) That may feel a little esoteric for […]

Skount Peels Off “Time Layers” in Spain

“Dude how was the weekend?” “Rad, dude! I partied my face off!” Skount. Almagro, Spain. November 2016. (photo © Skount) Skount is probably depicting something slightly more esoteric than that Bro-based expression for drinking large quantities of beer and having awkward conversations with women at a party. We’ve all been there, don’t judge. Skount. Almagro, […]

Flowers Growing Out of Your Eyes: Skount Finds Fertile Soil in Ruins

A lot of people like to go hiking and exploring this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather is cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and because of our proximity to Halloween, many abandoned houses and factories seem haunted with their former inhabitants. It’s also the end of the growing season, the harvest […]

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