Brooklyn Street Art

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Skount and Kera on a Wall and a Train in Germany

Skount has been experimenting with abstract patterns in some of his new work, especially this new wall with his bro Kera in Berlin. The attraction of abstraction continues to appear in Street Art and murals, and our theory today for its resurgence is that it is an unconscious way of assembling the multiple media/entertainment streams [...]

Skount and Pau Quintana Jornet Make a “Spring Offering”

In Amsterdam the temperature is above freezing and the trees are beginning to show little buds on the branches. With any luck this new “spring offering” by Skount and Pau Quintana Jornet will usher in the end of winter faster. Pau Quintana Jornet and Skount collaboration in Amsterdam. “Spring Offering” (photo © Skount) Inspired by Norse mythology, [...]

Images Of The Week: 02.16.14

In between snow storms, there has been some Street Art and graff to be seen this week, and not surprisingly, some of it is surprising (see the Tupac/Rosselli mashup). We had the great honor of hiking up, over, and around the crunchy white / grey / black Brooklyn Appalachian snow mountains that now clog our sidewalks [...]

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