Brooklyn Street Art

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Images Of The Week: 06.08.14

Dude and Dudette it’s not even officially summer (June 21) but New York streets are off in the deep end of the public pool with all these new backflips and cannonballs and arched dive art in the streets. Can someone please say UNPRECEDENTED? Everybody jump in! Here our weekly interview with the street, this week [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.25.14

We start this weeks collection of images from the street with a new piece in Bushwick by Joe Iurato, a New Jersey based Street Artist who also, as we learned via press release this week, has been selected to co-curate the newly announced Mana Museum of Urban Arts in Jersey City with another stencillist on [...]

Skount and Kera on a Wall and a Train in Germany

Skount has been experimenting with abstract patterns in some of his new work, especially this new wall with his bro Kera in Berlin. The attraction of abstraction continues to appear in Street Art and murals, and our theory today for its resurgence is that it is an unconscious way of assembling the multiple media/entertainment streams [...]

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