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ROA in Tunisia and Brazil — New Homes for His Wildlife

The urban naturalist ROA returns to us today with tales of his travels to two distinctly different regions of the world with great distances between their cultures as well as geography. What they have in common, besides ROA’s signature black and white animals and skeletons, is their natural beauty and stillness, transcending their contrasts. ROA. […]

ROA TOWERS : New Shots from UK, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Italy and the US

We’re back with a slew of new ROA pieces as he continues to share the absolute best images with BSA readers while traveling around the globe. The Belgian street artist, who we refer to as an Urban Naturalist, continues his astounding world tour at a pace that few Street Artists can sustain. Right now he […]

ROA and An Orphaned Bear in Rome

Entirely within the character of Street Artist ROA, his new piece in Rome addresses the underlying rift between man and nature. The urban naturalist is known for his depictions and portraits of creatures who share the earth with us, often endangered or otherwise misused at the hand of man. In town for his solo show, […]

Roa Gifts A Tyrannosaurus to Bromölla, Sweden

Bromölla in Sweden is ROA’s latest stop just behind Tunisia and evidently he brought a dinosaur sketchbook in his luggage. The inaugural artist-in-residence for the in-development Ifo Center, ROA created this massive mural across a large-scale factory building. The municipality of 7500 at the southern tip of the Nordic country is this home of a […]

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