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Pablo Harymbat : New Bolt of Energy in Buenos Aires

An inventor who loses himself inside the process of creating his work, unaware at some point of his surroundings while living in the art, Argentinian Street Artist/ fine artist Pablo Harymbat shares his freshly electrified bolt of energy to us from his hometown Buenos Aires. After seeing him in action while we were curating at […]

BSA Images Of The Week 09.02.18 – Artmossphere Biennale 2018

It’s been a packed couple of weeks between traveling to Moscow for the Artmossphere Biennale 2018 and immediately hopping to Leipzig, Germany for the magnificent Monumenta opening. Our heads are full of stories and conversations and images in two distinctly different scenes that somehow are still completely connected. Can’t tell if its euphoria or relief […]

BSA Film Friday 08.31.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Martha Cooper and Adele Renault at Artmossphere Biennale 2018 2. Canemorto at Artmossphere Biennale 2018 3. Pablo Harymbat at Artmossphere Biennale 2018 4. Hyland Mather at Artmossphere Biennale 2018 BSA Special Feature: 4 BSA Homemade Videos […]

Lucy McLauchlan / Pablo Harymbat. “OFFLINE” Process At Artmossphere 2018, Moscow

BSA is in Moscow as curators of 50+ international artists in the Artmossphere Biennale 2018 for its 3rd edition called Street Art Wave. Till the end of the month we’ll working with a stellar cross section of people involved with Urban Art/Street Art/Graffiti at curious and fascinating intersections. We’re meeting with Street Artists, academics, collectors, […]

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