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Fun Friday 04.13.12

  Uh-Oh, should I be wearing a necklace of garlic today? It might not be too cool to wear it indoors. Oh snap it’s only a movie. Happy Friday the 13th everybody! 1. “Vice & Virtue” Shai Dahan (Stockholm) 2. “It Felt Like a Kiss”, Alexandros Vasmoulakis at Gallery Nosco (London) 3. “The Birds & […]

Gallery Nosco Presents: ALEXANDROS VASMOULAKIS “It Felt Like a Kiss” (London, UK)

It Felt Like a Kiss What is it that thou wouldst have in a silver charger, O sweet and fair Salomé, thou that art fairer than all the daughters of Judaea? What wouldst thou have them bring thee in a silver charger? Tell me. Whatsoever it may be, thou shalt receive it. My treasures belong […]