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Futura on a Wall in Mexico City with XGutetto 666

Posted on April 29, 2013

Brooklyn’s own FUTURA just visited Mexico City and here we have a few pics of him working on a new wall there.  The graff master and abstract fine artist has reached such celebrity status that just showing up and being his humble charming self makes a lot of people in the graffiti and Street Art scene really happy. When he collaborates on a project with cans, as he did here with Mexican artist XGutetto 666 (from Da Flow Team) it’s even better.

Strapped up and ready to climb the wall, Futura marches across the street in Mexico’s capital. (photo © All City Canvas)

As organizers of the collaboration, the peeps at All City Canvas asked FUTURA to create a piece for their new project called Global Series.  They tell BSA, “We were stoked to have landed such a legend for this project.” We are most appreciative for these exclusive few pics for BSA readers.

Futura and XGutetto 666 in progress (photo © All City Canvas)

Futura scopes out the wall with traffic flying by in D.F. (photo © All City Canvas)

Futura talks with XGutetto 666 (in the luchador mask) during a break from painting. (photo © All City Canvas)

Futura hitting up a truck in Mexico City. (photo © All City Canvas)

Night time view of Futura and XGutetto 666 in Mexico City (photo © All City Canvas)

To learn more about All City Canvas and their Global Series click here.

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