Brooklyn Street Art

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Gilf! “Back Talk” Conversation

To introduce readers to some of the Street Artists in the show “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”, BSA asked a number of the artists to take part in “Back Talk” with one of our most trusted and underground and sweet sources for modern art, Juxtapoz. Today we hear from Gilf! One […]

Fun Friday 09.02.11

Fun Friday Stories 1. ASVP  is “Down to Earth” 2. Ferris Wheel Minus the Wheel = Floating People in the Sky (VIDEO) 3. SPOKE Art Group Show (SF) 4. How to Steal a Banksy from the “Wild” in Palestine (VIDEO) 5. XAM Flies West to Flip the Bird 6. In Lebanon Courage is Contagious (VIDEO) […]