Brooklyn Street Art

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Pandemic Gallery Presents: H. Veng Smith First Solo Show “Identifiable Reality” (Brooklyn, NY)

Veng In his first solo show, Veng takes us back to simpler times, to an era when things were made to last. Inspired by the artistry and work ethic of his grandfather, who hailed from a family of Swedish carpenters, Veng’s detail-rich paintings focus on the craftsmanship of the handmade. Embracing the handmade aesthetic to […]

Carmichael Gallery At Scope Miami 2010 (Miami, FL)

Scope 2010 Carmichael Gallery Invites You to Attend Scope Miami 2010 Booth F04 Boogie, Boxi, Guy Denning, Gregor Gaida, Mark Jenkins Aakash Nihalani, Slinkachu, Dan Witz 3055 North Miami Avenue Miami, Florida 33127 November 30 – December 5, 2010 FirstView Tuesday | November 30 | 3pm-9pm Free for VIPs PressView Tuesday | November 30 | […]

Brewer’s Mansion Presents: Cake “A Collection Of Drawings” (Brooklyn, NY)

Cake Brewer’s Mansion is happy to present A Collection of Drawings, a show by Brooklyn street artist Cake, from December 11th through the 21st! From the artist: I use anatomy to describe the intricate relationship structures humans have with themselves and others. I frequently take from the pool of human suffering for subject matter and […]

Ludo: Street Art In The Paris Metro

Parisian based street artist Ludo plays with Parisian’s perceptions of commerce, art, and technology.
“The whole inspiration from these series is co-branding – but also nanotechnology: Nature transformed into pills of amphetamine,” says the artist.
Simple elegant silhouettes of acid green and grey glow garishly with fluorescence in a colorless sterile hallway. The repetition of uniform shape, line and hue are interrupted by biomorphic Franken-plants that invite the closer inspection of rushed metro riders.