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Nuart Newsflash <> Chris Stain “Poor Paddy” piece buffed within hours

They move fast in Norway! Yikes! Raskt! Here’s Paddy!  Where’s Paddy? (Images copyright Ian Cox) Street artist Chris Stain is painting again tonight, since last nights’ job didn’t turn out so well in Stavanger, our sister city.  It could be a funny story, but I’m not the one who put 4 hours into it and […]

Street Signals 09.05.09

“Oh, my God! We slept on our own important art movement for all these years.” – Lee Quinones He was talking broadly about graffiti, but he might as well be talking about Street Art too. New York-based Lee Quinones is one of the most important graffiti artists – with some of his work in the […]