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Opera Gallery Presents: “Making Faces” A Group Show (Manhattan, NY)

MPaking Faces

Paul Insect (image © courtesy of the gallery)

Eric Allouche and the Opera Gallery team are pleased to present Making Faces, a group survey show bringing together a global collection of artists from a variety of time periods and styles to interpret the theme of portraiture. A once and still great exploratory genre, portraiture is the tool in which the artist can tell a thousand stories about their subject, whether real or imaginary, with one brushstroke or one drop of ink. Through these artists, Making Faces demonstrates how the aesthetics of portraiture is one of the best vehicles for artistic creativity and expression, technical mastery and the evocation of emotional strength.

Each artist participating in Making Faces has the ability to widely manipulate and interpret their portrait through their own specific and unique artistic abilities encompassing a wide variety of mediums including oil on canvas, matchsticks and photography. Artists such as Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra have the ability to evoke serene emotions through their photographs while contemporary Chinese artist Yan Pei Ming invites the viewer into his dark portrait through his use of rough charcoal strokes. Realistic master portraitists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Bernard Buffet share wall space with abstract and fantastical contemporary artists such as BÄST and B.

Additional Making Faces artists include Gerard Rancinan, Karel Appel, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marc Chagall, Jean Dubuffet, Bengt Lindstrom, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Simon Birch, Lita Cabellut, Sas Christian, Paul Insect, Dinorah Delfin, Lori Earley, John John Jesse, Kid Zoom, Ron English, Philippe Pasqua, Rostarr, Judith Supine, Xiao Gang Zhang, Tianbing Li, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Maura Corda and David Mach.

Making Faces
January 27- February 19
Free admission: 11:00 – 7:00 daily
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Opera Gallery Presents: “Abstractions” A Retrospective of the Abstract Movement. (Manhattan, NY)

Opera Gallery
Abstractions will be open to the public starting on September 23 at 11:00 am
September 23 – October 16
Free admission: 11:00 – 7:00 daily



Succubus Flux

Mixed media on panel

120 x 42 inches

Eric Allouche and the Opera Gallery team are pleased to announce the upcoming show entitled Abstractions. This exhibition will put on display a retrospective of the abstract movement from the 1940s through present day. Twentieth Century Masters such as Soulages, Hartung, Fontana, Miro, Arman, and Matta will share the space with some of the most creative contemporary voices such as Rosstar, Bast, Ron English, Gibby Haynes, Saber, Yasmina Alaoui and many others.

Abstractions aim is to explore the evolution of the movement over time and to showcase the artwork of the most influential and recognized artists of this style. The work of the master artists will be juxtaposed with the work of contemporary artists. Through the use of color and shapes, these artists are departing from the figurative and the depiction of imagery. The results are two types of abstraction, lyrical, as seen in Miro’s work, and geometric, as seen in Rosstar. Both types of abstraction are present within the 20th and 21st centuries. Geometric shapes and more organic strokes can both be seen in this exhibition, where one can experience first hand the ever-expanding concepts and ideas of abstraction.

Opera Gallery
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