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BSA Film Friday: 08.09.13


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: Eid Mubarak from eL Seed, “Timing is Everything” by ABOVE, Bogan in London, and BSA Film Friday LIVE at Atlanta Living Walls next week.

BSA Special Feature: Eid Mubarak:
A Calligraffiti Greeting from eL Seed

Guess we are a day late for this maybe since the EID celebrations were actually yesterday as Ramadan 2013 came to a close, but how often do you get to see an EID greeting created by a graffiti artist? Um, never.
So for all the BSA folks who celebrate the big EID holiday we say “Mubarak EID”, and for everybody else, here’s a fun way to use traditional calligraphic skills and merge with graffiti.

eL Seed was in New York back in May, and here is a wall he did with Jaye in Manhattan.

Timing is Everything: ABOVE

From Shoreditch here’s ABOVE with a small stencil that is all about context. He says it took him over seven months of searching night time streets to find the perfect fixed shadow on a wall, but we think he just is a slow stencil cutter.  “I am attracted to the concept that the stencil and it’s context can change literally from day to night,” says ABOVE in the description accompanying the video. So apparently it is not just about context. “Timing is everything!” says he.

Aeon – Bogan in London via VNA

In Australia they are called Bogans. We just call them a family reunion. But when Aeon puts on that mullet and mustache and acts a fool while spraycationing in London, we think he may also be inventing a certain kind of drag. No need to be derogatory – It’s all about inhabiting your character and owning it, people!

FILM Friday Goes on the Road – See us in Atlanta for Living Walls!

Check out the Facebook page for all the details of BSA Movie Night!


BSA Movie Night
“Street Art in Motion”
08.14.13 Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta
7 pm to 9:30 pm
Steve Harrington and Jaime Rojo, Co-founders of

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Street Art from ROBBBB in Dubai and Turkey

Workers around the world look amazingly similar, no matter the city.

Street Artist Robbbb, who we last saw in Beijing, is introducing some of the people from that city to be a part of Dubai and two of Turkeys largest cities, Istanbul and Izmir.

“This series of works from China are images of the most common people. I took them to foreign countries with an attempt to explore differences of political and social background, and to highlight their mode of existence,” he observes as he speaks about the enlarged wheat pastes he hand colored.

ROBBBB. Izmir, Turkey. (photo © Robbbb)

With this project Robbbb brings a Chinese man on a rickshaw to the a waste disposal back alley of Istanbul, a lady with a pushcart to a side lot in Izmir, and a man loaded down with bags to a small busy street in Dubai. These are all cities with workers going about their every day life and among them Robbbb wants to introduce their counterparts; images frozen and in mid-action while performing their daily chores and routines on foreign soil.

The concept is well executed as you often will see a local performing the same action while passing the wheatpast,  so similar are our daily routines: Pushing a grocery cart, riding a bike to work, toiling, walking a child to school or to a friends home. With this project Robbbb shows our similarities despite differences in physical appearance, clothing, and cultural differences.

ROBBBB. Istanbul, Turkey. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Istanbul, Turkey. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Istanbul, Turkey. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Istanbul, Turkey. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Dubai. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Dubai. (photo © Robbbb)

ROBBBB. Dubai. (photo © Robbbb)

Click here to read and see images of Robbbb’s works in Beijing.

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