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BSA Film Friday: 05.10.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: Narcélio Grud Food Painting, Beerens Snail Work, El Mac’s promo for “Sangre Nueva”, and Doug Aldrich and Sam Octigan create a canvas.

BSA Special Feature:
“Tropical Hungry” food painting with Narcélio Grud

You are what you eat, son, so stay away from cow tongue!  “Tropical Hungry” follows Street Artist Narcélio Grud into the market in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil and watches him pick up the discarded fruits and vegetables. What he does with them is delicious and takes art as “Food for Thought”.   Also, it opens the conversation about what we do with the food that is not eaten, and reminds us not to waste.

A Snail Goes To Work: Michael Beerens

Set to a soundtrack of slow-jam reverie, the pacing of this video from the French Street Artist tells you that someone is in love with painting and is willing to take his time to get it right. Chill, Mr. Snail.

El Mac “Sangre Nueva”

For his new show that opened Wednesday in Denmark, this promo for El Mac presents evocative vignettes of motels, windshield wipers and pulp fiction. The mini movie rolls like the credits for a story that glides slowly through the desperation of the street in search of romance, escapism, and a little soul.

Four stars to Medvin Sobio.

Doug Aldrich and Sam Octigan: “Crossing Lines”

Here’s a recap of the recently exhibited show “Crossing Lines” featuring the collaboration of an Aussie and a New Yorky. Not specific to Street Art, although it’s possible there is some familiarity with the scene here, this video is a snapshot of how Bushwick continues to change and evolve into an arts district with the huge influx of new people over the last 5 years.

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RETNA “Time Traveler” on The Mexican Coast (VIDEO)

From Viejas del Mercado, Medvin Sobio and Brian Tsukomoto produced a new video trailer on the occasion of Retna’s new show “Time Traveler” at Art Careyes Mexico in Costa Careyes, Mexico next week.

Video still from Retna’s show “Time Traveler” (© Medvin Sobio and Brian Tsukomoto)

With a blazing soundtrack of Hotel California by French group The Gipsy Kings singing in Spanish with an Andalucían accent, the time traveling continues throughout many cultures and times. As a continuous electric swirling of light masks the scenes behind it, the Los Angelino graffiti and Street Artist can be glimpsed carefully and deliberately applying his personal alphabet with sooty loose ink on a thin brush as well as thick paint on a flat wide brush. In the intervening scenes one sees flashes of still images and video referencing various cultures and continents flashing by in a multilayered collage of influences like a drug induced haze.

Video still from Retna’s show “Time Traveler” (© Medvin Sobio and Brian Tsukomoto)

Video still from Retna’s show “Time Traveler” (© Medvin Sobio and Brian Tsukomoto)

Video still from Retna’s show “Time Traveler” (© Medvin Sobio and Brian Tsukomoto)

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Mid-City Arts Presents: “Secuestro Express” a Solo Exhibition by Saner (Los Angeles, CA)

brooklyn-street-art-saner-kidnap-express-mid-city-arts-1Edgar “Saner” Flores is an urban artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Raised by his parents in Mexico City and surrounded by rich color and tradition, Saner developed an interest in drawing and Mexican muralism early on. He began expressing himself on paper and through graffiti art, later going on to earn a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Autónoma de México. His creations are influenced by Mexican custom and folklore, color, mysticism, masks and skulls. A mix of these lifelong interests and passions has led him to become the artist he is today. Saner’s work has been featured in galleries in Mexico, the United States, London, Berlin and Barcelona. – Kidrobot


Friday July 29, 2011

Mid-City Arts in association w/ Montana Cans & 33third LA Present:

Sequestro Express (Kidnap Express)

Mexico City Street Artist


First Los Angeles Exhibition

Curated By Viejas Del Mercado

Mexico City Artist “SANER” brings the Outdoor Public Art Experience into a Private Gallery setting.  All Artwork pieces will be given out Free to the Public.

Doors: 8p-10p

Mid-City Arts:

5113 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles Ca. 90019,

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