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How, Nosm, R. Robots: “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

New Mural in Williamsburg Pays Tribute to Beatles Just In Time for John’s 70th

The Spanish twins really could have used a Yellow Submarine as the rain was sloshing around their small band during the installation of this one. For four days they set out to paint their new mural, titled “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, an updated psychedelic bouquet sprading across a corner building in Williamsburg housing the infamous Rock Star Bar, where many a hair raising band has fought to break the sound barrier.


This year the Autumn weather in New York city has ranged from constant deluge to glorious days of sparkling gold sunlight and the smell of wood burning from the neighbor’s chimney. How and Nosm climbed ladder after ladder with R Robots as soon as the rain would stop. Unfortunately, they had to spend a lot of time standing in the doorway waiting for it to clear. As they told me “As long as the wall is dry we paint, and it’s OK if we get wet”.


Every time I went by to see how they were doing they were scurrying up and down ladders and balancing on scaffoldings. Once in a while each guy had to walk across the street to look back and check on the progress. Everpresent in the shadow of the Williamburg bridge was the roaring of traffic above, the screeching of trains, and the raucous noise of heavy trucks on Kent Ave. Occasional pedestrians stopped to say hello and ask questions, but mostly this part of town is unfettered by interruption.  Unless you count the rain.








All images © Jaime Rojo

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” From The Movie “Yellow Submarine”

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“Plenty of Room On the Couch” Group Show at Eastern District

A group show that features the work of a number of street artists, among others.

Eastern District Presents:

“Plenty of Room on the Couch”
Curated by Jesse Lee Denning

Opening reception – Friday June 26th. 7 – 10pm
Special Guest DJ Todd Weinstock a.k.a. Toddlerone (Cubic Zirconia)

The goal of this exhibition is not only to highlight the vast array of talented artists in a summer spectacle but to also allow our peers, friends, and all around art lovers to purchase and own art that is both affordable and quality work!


Featured artists:
-JK6- -Trevor Bittinger- -Colin Stinson- -Spaze Craft 1- -Denise DeSpirito- -John Breiner- -Dan Taylor- -Jesse Jones- -Kyoko Heshiimu- -Becca Roach- -Kelly Vetter- -Steve Smith- -New Colony- -Downer- -Chad Koeplinger- -AKO- -Michelle Tarantelli- -Gillian Goldstein- -Patrick Conlon- -Chip7- -Todd Noble- -Mister Mark- -Eyeball- -Chris O’Donnell- -Andreis Costa- -Zoe Sonenberg- -Carlyle Micklus- -Josh Taylor- -Jay Flanell- -Joshua Abram Howard- -Jeremiah Maddock- -Amandalynn- -Sweety- -Nikki Balls- -Subtexture- -Dosa Kim- -Amy Finkbeiner- -Aunia Kahn- -RROBOTS- -Dennis McNett- -Michael Alan- -Damion Silver- -JesseHectic- -JoKa- -Kristen Ferrell- -Douajee Vang- -Matt Vancura- -Grime- -Evan Cairo- -Parskid- -Justin Lipuma- -Regino Gonzales- -Lyndsey Lesh- -Tim Diet- -Dick Chicken- -Laura Meyers–Fernando Lions- -Sacha Jenkins- -James O’Brian- -John Reardon- -Myles Karr- -Dan Trocchio- -Andre Malcolm- -Leif Parsons- -Duane Bruton- -Bishop203- -Diego Mannino- -Civ-
Hours: 2-8pm Thursday-Sunday


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In the News –

Recession Culture: Skip Museums For Brooklyn’s Street Art

Have you tried to go to a blue-chip museum recently? 20 buckaroos folks, unless you are a museum member or are employed by a corporate contributor, or you borrow your sister’s college ID and put on a wig. Of course, it’s worth it… you just have to skip going out for dinner afterward… unless it’s for a couple of slices and a soda, and who doesn’t love that?

So Brendan Spiegel at has another suggestion…assume the streets of Brooklyn are your personal museum. And you can still have a slice of pizza while you’re at it. Click here for the story.

A Rolling Colorful Caliope of Fun (R.Robots) (photo courtesy
A Rolling Colorful Caliope of Fun (R.Robots) (photo courtesy

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