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Reed Projects Presents: “Stencil Art Norway” (Stavanger, Norway)


An historical look at the art of cutting and spraying in Norway

PREVIEW: APRIL 12. 2013.

Coming soon ! Stencil Art Norway, a historical look at the art of cutting and spraying in Norway featuring the countries leading stencil artists, past, present and future.

On April 12th Reed Projects will be opening the first historical look at Stencil Art in Norway, featuring new and old works from some of the countries leading names. Norway is unique in that it took to the art of Stenciling like no other. Initially inspired by Banksy, the Stencil took a firm grip on the countries street artists and has developed a style all of it’s own. The show explores the styles and themes from first generation stencil artists Dolk, Anders Gennerstad aka Strøk, Pøbel and MiR to the second wave of names currently emerging on the global scene, Martin Whatson, Dot Dot Dot and others.

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Reed Projects Gallery Presents: The Re-Jects” A Group Exhibition and Gallery Launch (Stavanger, Norway)

Reed Projects

Featuring new and original works from seven of the worlds leading street, public, contemporary artists (Call em what you will)
Dolk, Evol, Roa, Brad Downey, Escif, Dan Witz & Vhils.
Plus very exclusive new limited edition prints from Dolk.

May 24-June 22

Gallery opening hours Wed-Sat 1200-1700
and by appointment

Don’t like art ? Come and drink the beer ! Thank you,  Lervig.

Reed Projects Gallery,
Salvågergata 10, Stavanger 4006, Norway
Tel : 0047 41512885
Tel : 0047 97764651

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Reed Projects Presents: “Outside In” (Stavanger, Norway)

Reed Projects
brooklyn-street-art-outside-in-reed-projects-nuart-1brooklyn-street-art-outside-in-reed-projects-nuart-2Following the acclaimed and ongoing international success
story of Stavanger’s Nuart Festival as well as last years
“Lowlife” exhibition at Stavanger Kunstforening, Reed
Projects is set to consolidate the regions rising reputation for
providing a home for this, the 21st Centuries most dynamic
artform by unleashing a brand new show dedicated to Street
and Urban Art.
Spread across 220m2 of space, Skur 2, a beautifully
converted Victorian warehouse on the city harbour front will
house works from over 30 of the worlds leading urban artists
including Scandinavia’s largest collection of Banksy works
alongside new and exclusive pieces from Norway’s Dolk.
Part museum show, part contemporary art exhibition
and part urban art boutique, Outside In is nothing if not
ambitious, the show will present the myriad of ways in which
Street Artists explore and tackle a multitude of techniques,
both old and new. Drawings, watercolours, etchings, oil
paintings, acrylics, lithographs, screen prints, photography,
film and much more will all be on show.
Outside In aims to question and challenge the perception
that Street Art is primarily concerned with graffiti and the
spray can. A good selling point for gallerists and lifestyle
media as well its detractors, but as Outside In aims to show,
far from reality.
Outside In shows urban artists who are equally at home
tackling antiquated etching techniques, watercolours,
drawing and oil painting as they are with a spraycan and
marker. As likely to be found hunched over a litho stone
as they are scaling trackside fences, “Street” artists have,
over the years, explored and mastered crafts not popular in
contemporary fine art practice for generations.
Outside In is set to be the countries first major group
exhibition (outside of Nuart) dedicated to the most dynamic
and democratic art movement of the 21st Century.
Outside In opens on July 01st and runs until Aug 07
Martyn Reed
Curator and Creative Director
Reed Projects.

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