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Nuart Newsflash <> Chris Stain “Poor Paddy” piece buffed within hours

They move fast in Norway! Yikes! Raskt!

images copyright Ian Cox
Here’s Paddy!  Where’s Paddy? (Images copyright Ian Cox)

Street artist Chris Stain is painting again tonight, since last nights’ job didn’t turn out so well in Stavanger, our sister city.  It could be a funny story, but I’m not the one who put 4 hours into it and had to duck somebody spewing chunks of kjøttkaker out the window so I shouldn’t really say that.

Chris explains what happened below, and luckily there were some great pics of the piece before it disappeared.  Nice job Ian!

“It was the first night that it hadn’t rained all week so I was eager to get out to paint. After we got everything set up it was well after 9p.m. so I got straight to work.  The piece I chose was my “Poor Paddy” piece, named after the Pogues song about a guy who was sick of working for the railroad.  The image is of an older worker in a hat with a look of disgust on his face.

Chris playing in the shadow (image copyright Ian Cox)
Chris rockin another one (image copyright Ian Cox)

As I was painting some sick f*ck across the alley was hanging out the 2nd story window, pukin’ their guts out.  I guess the toilet was broke or occupied?

"Flying Cock" by C6 at Nuart (photo C6)

"Flying Cock" by C6 at Nuart (photo C6)

C6 from London showed up with his brand new “Flying Cock” stencil and did a bit of decorating himself.  We finished up about 1 a.m. and made our way back to the flat. Today I found out the pieces were buffed although the wall was legal. I didnt get any pictures of my own but Ian Cox was there documenting the whole thing.

Excellent shot of Chris in action (photo copyright Ian Cox)
Excellent shot of Chris in action (photo copyright Ian Cox)

Come to find out, there was a mistake and the clean up crew was sent to buff some pro-communist  sickle-and-hammer thing that was there so we had a clean slate to work on. Oh well, thats life.”

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