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Los Angeles Based Graffiti and Fine Artist Saber fights the City’s Mural Policy

brooklyn-street-art-saber-Occupy-Los_angeles-1-webStill from Saber’s time-lapse video of his big flag for Occupy Los Angeles

Saber, Graffiti Artist, Fights To Lift Mural Ban In LA:

For the artist Saber, participation in the democratic process has always been complicated. He’s an international graffiti legend, holding the world record for the largest graffiti piece, done along the LA river in 1997. Despite its place in the history books, the city of Los Angeles spent a whopping $837,000 to paint over it in 2009. Now Saber is approaching public art laws from a different angle, spearheading an effort to reform Los Angeles’ mural policies.

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Saber’s 32′ by 16′ Occupy Flag time-lapse directed by Saber and Greg Norman

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