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Fun Friday 10.12.12

Looks like the Yankees could have used Joe Biden last night. “Who is this grandpa man?”, said my homey Ikbar behind the counter at the news stand, irritated that the Vice President has to hog half the cover of the New York Post from Derek Jeter. Guess the Scranton Slugger was knocking them out of the wrong park for some New Yorkers last night.

Also, anybody know why there are 10 TV vans with their saucers rotating on top and kleig lights at the end of their extended electronic probes blinding innocent semi-sleeping commuters walking by the Marcy projects in Brooklyn this morning? Saw Blondy McBlonderwig with perfect teeth and fishbowl eyes shrieking in a trench coat in front of the camera on the way to the M train, safely behind all the “crime scene” tape.  Think the news has decided to do a story on the class war?

And now LIVE, here are the important up-to-the-minute stories we’re following for you this hour on WBSA.

1. Bedlam in London
2. Jaye Moon Breaks the Code (NYC)
3. Moniker 2012 (London)
4. John Breiner at Mighty Tanaka (Brooklyn)
5. “Good Guys” in Chicago
6. "Street Art Live" in Da Bronx All Day Sunday
7. SANER "Catharsis" From The Cinema (VIDEO)
8. I Love Paris Volume 5 by kouettv (VIDEO)

Bedlam in London

If you are in London this weekend and are feeling spooky and wild, nevermind that tame Madame Tussard – turn your GPS to “BEDLAM”, Lazarides new group exhibition underground in the Old Vic Tunnels. With artists including Antony Micallef, Artists Anonymous, ATMA, Conor Harrington, Dan Witz, Doug Foster, Ian Francis, Karim Zeriahen, Kelsey Brookes, Klaus Weiskopf, Lucy McLauchlan, Michael Najjar, Nachev, Tessa Farmer, Tina Tsang, Tobias Klein, War Boutique and 3D all of them working on the theme of pandemonium. Inspired by the infamous mental hospital, we were expecting to see Boris Karloff popping around the corner while appreciating scary art that experiments on your brain. Welcome.

Dan Witz on the streets of Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Jaye Moon Breaks the Code (NYC)

She’s been constructing on the streets for a year or two, but her main tricks have been in the gallery for about a decade. Street and Fine Artist Jaye Moon has a new solo show titled “Breaking the Code” at the Newman Popiashvili Gallery in Manhattan so you can see where some of this Lego madness came from. Study the numbers and the text and break the code. And don’t forget to hit up Red Hook Brooklyn because Jaye Moon is also an artist in GEOMETRICKS currently on view at Gallery Brooklyn.

Jaye Moon on the streets of Manhattan. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

For further information regarding GEOMETRICKS click here.

Moniker 2012 (London)

MONIKER ART FAIR is in full swing and open for business until this Sunday. Take a trip to The Village Underground in Shoreditch if you are interested on seeing original works of art by some Street Artists who are moving the conversation on the streets right now. Remi Rough, Penny, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Ludo, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, Hush, C215, Ben Slow are all represented with installations and new works of art.

HUSH on the streets of Manhattan. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further details and a full list of artists and schedules click here.

John Breiner at Mighty Tanaka (Brooklyn)

Not a Street Artist but seemingly always in the street mix – maybe he has a lot of Street Art friends or something because Jon Breiner has been at a lot of events over the last couple of years and we’ve had the opportunity to see his studio work evolve so here’s a shout out. Breiner might be one of those definitely underrated fine artists that you don’t pay much attention to and then BAM!, where the hell did this kid come from? A curator of shows and DJ, Breiner goes deep below still waters; Fastidious in his craft Mr. Breiner’s work gets close and personal, meticulously drawn and painted, portaits with weight intricately real and occasional surreal little stories with plots that are off center. His new show titled “Sooner or Later We All Make the Little Flowers Grow” opens tonight at the Mighty Tanaka Gallery in DUMBO.

John Breiner. Detail. (image courtesy of the gallery)

For further information regarding this show click here.

“Good Guys” in Chicago

Wanna know who “The Good Guys” are? Head over to 2381 Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago where The HOTBOX MOBILE GALLERY new group show will open tomorrow showcasing local talent of Chicago born and raised Street Artists including, Left Handed Wave, Brooks Golden, Clam Nation, Don’t Fret, Espir, Nudnik, Lucx and Nice-one.

Nice One on the streets of Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

“Street Art Live” in Da Bronx All Day Sunday

This Sunday the Sermon is at The Bronx and the Minister is SinXero.

Showing brotherly love New York style, a group of Street Artists including Army of One/JC2, Fumero, ADAM DARE, TONE TANK, Elle Deadsex, ENX, Choice Royce, Royce Bannon, See One & Danielle Mastrion, VEXTA, Mike Die, KID Lew, & ZIMAD, as well as, SinXero (SX) & colleague Bayoan will gather at Graffiti Universe for “Street Art Live”. An event to honor Iranian brothers and Street Srtists Icy & Sot.

It’s a Sunrise Service so just stay up Saturday night >> The event begins at 5:00 am until the whole block at Graffiti Universe is completely painted.

Icy & Sot (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this event click here.

Also happening this weekend:

The Kosmopolite Art Tour in Amsterdam, brought to you by Aerosol Bridge Club began on Wednesday and will continue until this Sunday at the MC Theater in Amsterdam. Big mural live painting with appearances from local and international artists with tons of side events. Click here for more details regarding this event.

Monsieur A the French artist is in Mexico City for his solo show “André Saraiva” at the Anonymous Gallery. This show is now open to the general public. Click here for more details about this show.

Low Brow Artique Gallery goes soft brow with Dickchicken’s solo show “The Penis Mightier Than the Sword” opening tonight in Brooklyn. Click here for more details about this show.

Mad One and Neely II are hosting “Sticker Phiends” in Tempe, Arizona opening tomorrow. This annual sticker feast attracts a huge following of national and international sticker artists and fans. Click here for more details about this event.

SANER “Catharsis” From The Cinema (VIDEO)

I Love Paris Volume 5 by kouettv (VIDEO)

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Newman Popiashvili Gallery Presents: Jaye Moon “Breaking The Code” (Manhattan, NYC)

Jaye Moon

Jaye Moon, 2012

Exhibition dates: October 11-November 10, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11th, 6-8pm

Newman Popiashvili Gallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of Jaye Moon entitled “Breaking the Code.” In this show Jaye Moon explores the meaning of time, privacy and visual notions in her own decoded interpretation. Moon expresses her vision by referencing the works of artists such as On Kawara, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

Moon’s interest in patterns and numbers as a means of conveying a message can be seen in her adaptation of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. She takes the concept of Braille, intended for the tactile sense, and asks us to experience it visually, creating a pattern. She uses Braille dots to manipulate Hirst’s spot paintings. By removing certain dots in his work, she composed a Braille sentence which reads, “Damien Hirst Spot Paintings Suck”, while at the same time keeping the original colors, maintaining the recognizable quality of the image.

From learning Braille herself, Moon discovered that it is confusing to remember the exact position of the dots. As a result she goes on to develop a more universal and exact method of communication. She explores the use of numbers and number functions as a form of writing. Her fascination with numbers lies in their universal quality and how prevalent and useful they are in our contemporary society.

This experimentation with numbers can be seen clearly in her piece where she sets two identical battery-powered clocks next to each other, referencing Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ piece“Untitled (Perfect Lovers).” Moon transforms his traditional representation of time into an abstract form by removing the actual hours of the clock and replacing them with the words “Perfect Lovers” written in English Braille number codes. Although the numbers on the clock now represent “Perfect Lovers” instead of actual time the clocks still operate as functional clocks correctly synchronized with each other.

Still exploring the concept of time, Jaye Moon references On Kawara’s date paintings. Here she connects herself with On Kawara by using the same sizes, colors and compositions of his paintings. However she replaces the numbers in his paintings that represent dates with English Braille number codes that translate into dirty words that people refrain from using in public. Again here she is removing the idea of traditional time and date and using the number system to deliver a message. She uses a universal system of communication but makes it indistinguishable by putting it in code.

Moon goes further to explore her interest in public and private notions by referencing Tracey Emin’s neon text sign piece “People Like You Need To Fuck People Like Me”. Moon recreates the Emin piece, but translates Emin’s confessional text into her English Braille number code. By doing this Moon makes Emin’s message once again private and undecipherable while keeping the statement in the form of a public neon sign.

In addition to the number coded pieces Moon also installs texts made out of lego blocks as street art. One of the texts, “I AM STILL ALIVE” by On Kawara will be shared with passerby.

In this show Jaye Moon is exploring the two sided nature of expressing ourselves with numbers. Using numbers to represent ourselves and to communicate can be practical but as a result our emotions become less personal. The use of numbers in Moon’s work break all the rules of her own interpretation but still maintain true meaning encoded underneath the surface. The numbers become abstract, minimal and emotional and at the same time all expressing a clear sense of humor.

Jaye Moon is a Brooklyn based artist. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute. She has previously exhibited at the DUMBO Arts Center, White Columns, Artists Space, Galeria Max Estrella in Madrid, Spain and Gallery Momo in Tokyo, Japan. In 2006 she won the Pollack Krasner Foundation Grant.
This fall she will participate in the CJ Art Studio Residency program in Korea.

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