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New Heart City Gallery Presents: FKDL “Midi – Minuit” (Paris, France)

When the speed of an object approaches the speed of light, time slows down, and the space distances contract. With the exhibition “Midi-Minuit” – “Midday-Midnight” – shown from January 25th to March 10th, 2013 at the New Heart City Gallery, Franck Duval gives us an artistic reflection on time and light and involves us into an imaginary experience of these two components of our universe.

For this new exhibition, the artist abandons the Scotch tape in favor of collage and painting. He remains true to his feminine silhouettes, but creates new characters and highlights them by making them ambassadors of different times of the day or night. He especially addresses in some of his works the question of the volume with installations made by accumulations of objects in connection with time and light like old clocks or flashlights.

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New Heart City Gallery Presents: FKDL “Scènes de Vie” (Paris, France)


> The New Heart City Gallery is honored to host from February 18th to
> March 31st 2011 the urban artist who established himself these
> recent years in the Paris Street Art scene and now internationally
> recognized: Franck Duval (FKDL).
> The artist with the emblematic urban landmark has opted for his new
> solo show to use essentially the transparent scotch-tape collage
> technique.
> From pictures of 1950’s life scenes, he reinvents history. He
> removes the smooth side of idioms, boring scenes of perfection and
> innocence to lead the images in his time and modernity. Under his
> scotch-tape, the material is revealed, only the color goes through
> the ages, the mark of a new era.
> The female silhouettes, provocative inadvented, assert this sudden
> reality marked by rhythm and movement. Only characters’ ornaments
> are survivors of the Old Time and bear faces and attitudes of actors
> and actresses of the 50’s movies.
> The normalized and fixed scenes of life and the glossy paper stars
> have crossed through time to give way to a real live show.
> New heArt citY Gallery
> 11 rue de Picardie 75003 Paris
> +33 (0)1 43 55 03 95
> du mardi au samedi de 11h à 19h

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