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Fun Friday 10.15.10


Fun Friday

Mighty Tenaka in Dumbo with “Cimmerian Shade”


Featuring the artwork of Katie Decker, FARO, Hellbent, Marlo Marquise, John McGarity, Don Pablo Pedro and Ellen Stagg

More about the show HERE

“Portraits” by Sten + Lex with Gaia at Brooklynite


This is a hot shot straight to Number Uno on the charts Ladies and Germs. Italians with their own understated stencil technique and UES wild-eyed jerkin chicken man. Read more on this show here from yesterday on BSA.

Dan Taylor “Notes from the Inside”


Pandemic is reliably snarky, eclectic, and often on the money.  Keep your eye on them because they also think.  A lot.

Plus, Dan Taylor was raised by squirrels.


From The Philadephia Mural Arts Program, an animated mural handed back and forth amongst several artists, in the style of Exquisite Corpse.

Artists: Eve Biddle/Joshua Frankel, Rodney Camarce,Bonnie Brenda Scott, Seth Turner, Mauro Zamora.
Curated by Sean Stoops.

Ben Eine at The Moniker Art Fair

“Hell’s Half Acre”

Kind of like going to Macys!

Launched in October 12th and produced by Lazarides in collaboration with Tunnel 228 and off-site exhibition of Dante’s “Inferno”.

Via Babelgum.

Visitors explore a unique interpretation of the nine circles of hell through the vision of artists including Conor Harrington, Vhils, George Osodi, Antony Micallef, Doug Foster, Todd James, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, Boogie, Ian Francis, Polly Morgan, Jonathan Yeo.

David Choe Goes to Hell

Here’s his creation of his piece for Lazaride’s “Hell’s Half Acre”.

Via Babelgum

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Mighty Tanaka Presents: “Cimmerian Shade” A Group Show (Brooklyn, NY)

Mighty Tanaka

Mighty Tanaka presents:

Cimmerian Shade

Featuring the artwork of Katie Decker, FARO, Hellbent, Marlo Marquise, John McGarity, Don Pablo Pedro and Ellen Stagg

Beyond the lights, glitz and glamour of New York City resides an artistic underworld that resonates in the shadows of this great metropolis. This creative element encompasses many disciplines and methodologies, demonstrating a wide range of artistic interpretation. Cimmerian Shade, the latest show from Mighty Tanaka, highlights a darker side of art for the witching month of October. Featuring the artwork of Katie Decker, FARO, Hellbent, Marlo Marquise, John McGarity, Don Pablo Pedro and Ellen Stagg, they each provide their own unique vision from the shadows.

Dark art is a term that applies to the ghosted image of a thought or an idea that transcends the ubiquitous and exists within a realm all its own. Neither wicked nor nefarious, this artistic expression thrives in a world beyond that of typical society, providing an outlet for our altered obsessions. From the overt to the subtle, Cimmerian Shade offers a glimpse behind the veil into a world overlooked by everyday exploration.

With an arsenal of inspiration at their disposal, the artists provide a personal interpretation of life and experiences into their artwork. Through a variety of mediums spanning photography to woodcarvings, carbon transfers to oil paint; Cimmerian Shade exhibits a plethora of methods that translate well for both home and gallery.


Friday, October 15th, 2010


(Show closes November 5, 2010)

Mighty Tanaka

68 Jay St., Suite 416 (F Train to York St.)

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hours: M-F 12:30PM to 7PM, weekends by appointment

Office: 718.596.8781



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